PGA Player Refused Tiger’s Invite To Friday ‘Talk’

Prominent PGA Tour pro and longtime friend of Tiger Woods John Cook confirmed to the ORLANDO SENTINEL today that he received an invitation to attend Woods’ “talk” in Orlando on Friday.

John Cook and Tiger Woods

(Longtime Tiger friend Cook spurned Tiger’s invite)

The Sentinel with his response: “No, he’s not going.”

Cook, who has known Woods for well over a decade, also provided some details on Woods’ ordeal.

“As far as I know, he never had a phone. I know the next day he was gone [from Isleworth]. He hasn’t had contact with anybody other than face-to-face, which I hadn’t had.”

Dude never had a phone? Wow. Knowing Woods’ insane penchant for privacy, hopefully giving up that info won’t mean we’ll soon be calling Cook a “former friend” of Woods.

Also worth noting: Cook played with Woods at the 2007 Tavistock Cup - the same event that reports will be the site of Woods’ return to golf. Though Cook told the Sentinel he had no idea what Woods’ future plans were:

“I can’t even speculate what he might come out with. It’s great to have him back. To what extent, we don’t know. We have no idea what his plans are.”

Speaking of invites to Woods’ maniacally-controlled lecture talk tomorrow, we’ve confirmed at least one of the attendees. And possibly two more.

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