Comcast And NFL Network Agree To A New Deal

Back in the middle of April, I got a letter in the mail from Comcast. It told me that as a subscriber to their sports package that includes the NFL Network, they were going to offer me a deal. On May 1st of 2009 they were going to stop carrying the NFL Network because they were evil and trying to take all of my money from me, and Comcast didn’t want to stand for it. As a way of helping me recover from the raping of my wallet, they were going to give me a chance for faster internet for a year, or Starz free for a year.

Well, I already have the high-speed internet, so it looked like Starz was going to be my choice.

Now that I was happy to make it. After all, Comcast wasn’t treating my wallet very nicely either. Sure, the NFL Network wanted a couple bucks per household, but they weren’t the ones making me pay $10 a month for a package featuring the NFL Network, which I wanted, and a whole bunch of other channels I didn’t. So I was pretty unhappy about Comcast yanking the station I wanted, as I’m sure many NFL fans were. Well, thankfully I won’t be getting Starz anytime soon because both sides have come to an agreement.

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