Roy Williams More Popular Than Coach K In NC

Among other things, Duke University basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski is notorious for his ludicrously sanctimonious American Express commercial in which he declares himself a  “leader who happens to coach basketball.” Secondary concern or not, there’s no denying his ability to do the latter. But what about that leadership thing if, say, he wanted to do it for a living?

UNC's Roy Williams & Duke's Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K)

Answering a question no one asked (except SbB just now), a political polling firm has asked North Carolinians their general opinions of both Coach K and UNC coach Roy Williams. The question was similar to questions asked regarding opinions about potential political candidates. The results were a little surprising…in other words, how would you feel about Senators Williams and Krzyzewski?

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Coach K Is Ready To Start Scalping Duke Tickets

The college basketball season will be here before you know it, and right now all over the country schools are playing out exhibition games in preparation for the year. This includes everybody’s favorite men’s basketball squad, the Duke Blue Devils. The Dukies finished their exhibition schedule on Wednesday night, and even though they beat Lenoir-Rhyne 95-42, there was something about the game that left a bitter taste in Mike Krzyzewski’s mouth afterwards (cue the J.J. Redick jokes).

(”I will rip your soul out with my bare f#@%ing hands!”)

You see, since his team was playing such an inferior opponent, Coach K didn’t have to do all that much coaching last night. This left him with a lot of time to take in the atmosphere around Cameron Indoor Stadium, and as he was doing so he noticed something troubling. There were a lot of empty seats in Cameron, and now Coach K is ticked off.

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