Joe Montana Now Assistant Coach For Son’s Team

At my high school we had football coaches who weren’t really football coaches. They were just gym teachers or history teachers looking to pick up an extra paycheck on the side. So as you’d expect, we weren’t really the most well-coached team in the area, and our record reflected this.

Too bad we didn’t have the sons of any Hall of Fame quarterbacks at our school, or maybe we could have convinced their dad to come teach us how to actually play the game. Oaks Christian in California, who has actual football coaches, does have the son of a Hall of Famer on their team in Nick Montana, and now his father has signed on to be an assistant coach with the team.

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Clay Matthews Embraces The Green Bay Lifestyle

You might think that moving from Los Angeles to Green Bay, Wisconsin would be a tough change for former USC linebacker Clay Matthews, the first-round draft pick of the Green Bay Packers. In sunny Los Angeles, Matthews was close to Hollywood, the USC Song Girls, and the finest culture and cuisine California had to offer. By comparison, Green Bay has meatpacking plants, paper mills, and elevated mercury levels. No offense to the comely lasses and bratwurst emporiums of Brown County, but it’s enough to make most young, single men with a taste for the good life - or any life at all, really - cringe.

Clay Matthews

(LB Clay Matthews, seen here enjoying Friday night in Green Bay.)

Clay Matthews, however, is not most men. When life handed Green Bay’s newest linebacker cheese, he opted to make cheese-ade instead, embracing the city and all of it has to offer with the damndest of faint praise.

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Browns Pick Hunts Wild Boar With His Bare Hands

People talk a lot about the “bravery” and “heroism” of their favorite athletes and teams. When a football player dons pads and runs as fast as he can into another football player, we call them “tough.” Sure, it’s a bit overblown and silly, but that’s pro sports for you.

Kaluka Maiava
(In this photo, Illinois QB Juice Williams is a metaphor for a dead boar. Keep reading, it’ll all make sense.)

Sometimes, though, it’s warranted. When Pat Tillman traded in his pads for fatigues, that was heroic. When hottie surfer Bethany Hamilton climbed back on her board after getting her arm bitten off by a shark, that was brave. When it comes to tough, they don’t come much tougher than Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Kaluka Maiava, who hunts wild boar. With his bare hands.

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SI Retracts Positive NFL Drug Test Accusation

One of the oddest stories leading up to the this year’s NFL Draft has been the possible positive drug tests of former Boston College DT B.J. Raji and several other high-profile NFL prospects, as reported earlier by SI.COM and NFLDRAFTBIBLE.COM. While coverage of the story has been muted from, say, the front page of ESPN.COM, it’s been the cause of intense speculation on the part of columnists, bloggers, and NFL draftniks. Could it really be that such high-profile players screwed up so monumentally as to test positive for performance-enhancing or other drugs, so close to the NFL Draft?

Well, no. Mike Florio of PRO FOOTBALL TALK reports that the list of positive drug tests is out, and none of the players whose names have been thrown around in recent weeks — Raji, Vontae Davis, Clay Matthews, or Brian Cushing — are on it. How did so many media outlets, including and especially the august SI.COM, get it wrong? Read more…