Claudia Jordan Blew Odom Off Just Before Khloe

Since I reported Matt “Money” Smith of the Petros and Money Show on Fox Sports Radio said Lamar Odom proposed to a woman (and was jilted) just before he consumated his pseudo-nuptials with Khloe Kardashian, the search has been on to figure out just who that woman was.

Lamar Odom Claudia Jordan together just before he met Khloe Kardashian

(Jordan turned down Odom’s wedding proposal week before Khloe? Probably)

Actress Taraji Henson was a possibility, having been seen with Odom earlier in the year. But another name *coincidentally* popped up on TMZ’s TV show the day after my report: Claudia Jordan.

Jordan also fits Smith’s description of a famewhore who “graces the pages of TMZ”. More importantly she was seen with a beaming Odom only a week before he met Kardashian. So the gossip enterprise went straight to the source, interviewing Jordan in-house for its TV show on Saturday.

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