Comedy Central’s Chris Henry Jokes: Too Soon?

Since you upgraded from basic cable in 1987, I recognize you probably don’t know who Comedy Central’s Daniel Tosh is. I on the other hand, thanks to a recent stay at a Hampton Inn just outside Reno, was recently introduced to his intellectually-inspired comic genius.

Comedy Central Chris Henry Joke By Daniel Tosh

Take for instance Tosh recently going Bertuzzi about Chris Henry’s tragic death. Brilliant!

Chris Henry jokes:

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Claim: Henry Said ‘I’ll jump off truck & kill myself’

Carrie Whitaker of the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER has an account of Tuesday’s Chris Henry incident in Charlotte from a man who claims he’s Loleini Tonga’s neighbor. Lee Hardy told Whitaker that he witnessed - from only a few feet away - a heated exchange between Tonga and Henry as they sped past him in a pickup truck.

Chris Henry's House Tire Tracks In Front Yard

Lee Hardy, a neighbor, said he was trimming his trees on a 15-foot ladder as he watched the yellow pickup truck zoom past him - with Henry in the bed and his fiancee Loleini Tonga at the wheel.

“He was banging on the top, on the doors, screaming at the lady, ‘We need to talk,’” Hardy said.

“He said, ‘If you take off, I’m going to jump off the truck and kill myself,’ ” Hardy said.

Hardy said he was less than 2 feet from Tongas’ driveway when the pickup drove past. He said it was going about 25 to 30 mph.

Hardy also talked about Tonga as a neighbor. Read more…

Witness Claims Henry Threatened Jump Off Truck

CBS-TV Charlotte affiliate WBTV has another eyewitnesses account of the fatal incident involving Chris Henry and Loleini Tonga yesterday.

Chris Henry reportedly still alive after pickup truck accident in Charlotte

WBTV spoke with a neighbor who claims he witnessed an argument between Henry and Tonga on Wednesday outside her parents’ Peachtree Road home in northwest Charlotte. The neighbor said Tonga left the house driving a yellow Ford F150 truck. Henry got into the back of the pickup and continued yelling at Tonga.

The neighbor said he heard Henry tell Tongo he was going to throw himself out of the back of the truck if she didn’t stop.

Another person who lived near where Henry eventually landed, Sharon Hofman, was at the scene and attended to the fallen Henry. She also reported an account of what she saw to reporters and police. Read more…