Aukward Audio: Chizik Asked About NCAA Inquiry

In the wake of my Wednesday report that confirmed NCAA investigators were in Thibodaux, Louisiana, Monday to investigate Auburn’s recruiting tactics of two former Thiboudaux High School players, Auburn football coach Gene Chizik was asked during an appearance on WJOX-FM in Birmingham on Friday if Auburn had received a Preliminary Letter of Inquiry (PLOI) from the NCAA.

Sean Nelson and Gene Chizik

(NCAA investigating Thibodaux’s Sean Nelson about role with Auburn recruits)

WJOX-FM’s Al DelGreco: “There’s a lot of speculation going on around Thibodaux, Louisiana, and some recruiting stuff down there, but apparently there has been no official letter of inquiry sent to Auburn. Is there any way you can clarify any of that information for us? Where that stands?Read more…