Villanueva Scoffs At Garnett’s ‘Miscommunication’

Early Wednesday Detroit Piston Charlie Villanueva made the claim in a Tweet from his account that Boston Celtic Kevin Garnett called him “cancer patient” during Tuesday’s Pistons-Celtics game in Detroit.

Kevin Garnet responds to Charlie Villanueva cancer patient claim

After Villanueva’s claim, Garnett responded via this statement to the media:

“I am aware there was a major miscommunication regarding something I said on the court last night.

“My comment to Charlie Villanueva was in fact ‘You are cancerous to your team and our league.’

“I would never be insensitive to the brave struggle that cancer patients endure. I have lost loved ones to this deadly disease and have a family member currently undergoing treatment.

“I would never say anything that distasteful. The game of life is far bigger than the game of basketball.”

One thing Garnett is indisputably correct about: There was a major miscommunication between him and Villanueva last night.

Also interesting to note that Garnett claims that he not only insulted Villanueva in the context of the Pistons, but also to the league.

How on earth is Villanueva “cancerous” to the league?

The fact that Garnett would allegedly say such an absurd thing - and mention it in his response to Villanueva’s allegation - makes it hard for me to completely buy into his version of events.

Not to mention Garnett’s notorious reputation for saying plenty of distasteful things.

Villanueva isn’t backing down from his earlier statement about what Garnett said, either.

Of Garnett’s statement, Villanueva told Vincent Ellis of the DETROIT FREE PRESS:

“I know EXACTLY what I heard.”

From watching, listening and reading fan and media reaction to Garnett’s statement, it’s clear that most folks - at least outside of Boston - are on Villanueva’s side on this issue.

Recognizing that, along with Garnett’s well-known, irascible on-court personality, I’m guessing the NBA will sanction Garnett in some capacity.

At the very least, expect the league to step into the fray to eliminate the back-and-forth in short order.

Villanueva: C’s Garnett Called Me ‘Cancer Patient’

Last night during the Boston Celtics 109-86 rout of the Detroit Pistons in Michigan, Kevin Garnett of the Celtics and Charlie Villanueva of the Pistons were each issued technical fouls at the same time late in the third quarter.

That may have been a tipoff to what Villanueva later Tweeted about Garnett after the Pistons landed in Atlanta following an overnight flight from Detroit. Read more…

Charlie Villanueva On Bottle Blonde, The Blotter

Charlie Villanueva has himself a hot new girlfriend named Jennifer Christenson.

Charlie Villanueva Girlfriend Photos Jennifer Christenson

Though Christenson lives in Chicago and Villanueva has spent much of his summer in Detroit, the couple was seen together three weeks ago at a basketball tournament in the Dominican Republic.

Christenson has some photos of Villanueva on her public Facebook account, but she cropped the NBA player out a photo of the couple for her profile picture:

Charlie Villanueva Girlfriend Photos Jennifer Christenson

Villaneuva’s lovely lady friend is also an aspiring talk show host, recently posting an audition tape on Oprah Winfrey’s official website. Villanueva Tweeted a public link to the site and asked his followers in support of Christenson’s career efforts.

From the photos, they seem like a happy couple and Villanueva, at least until recently, has always been known as gentleman off the court. Though the Ontario and Wisconsin court systems may dictate Villanueva’s off-court reputation in the future.

From the ASSOCIATED PRESS on June 22 - via the TORONTO STAR: Read more…

Week In Review: Danica to Drop ‘em for ESPN Mag

Danica Patrick could be removing her racing suit to pose for an all-nude (yet tastefully done) pictorial for ESPN The Magazine.

Danica Patrick topless

(Well, it’s a start)

• And the Rick Pitino sex-tortion scandal gets more & more pitiful.

• This FIBA Americas basketball tournament is getting quite rough. If it isn’t Mexico & Uruguay throwing punches & chairs, it’s security hassling Charlie Villanueva & his mother.

• College football players could lose their hotel privileges - for home games. But keeping the kids out of the local Motel 6 could actually be a bad idea.

• Are fantasy sports bad for your relationships? Well, in Texas, it can certainly be bad for your health.

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Thou Shalt Not Use Tebow’s Name In Vain Promos

• What Would Tim Tebow Do? Apparently sue you for using him as the basis for a minor league promotional night.

Tim Tebow with hot girls

(Saint Tebow with a pair of heavenly disciples - and before you ask, no, neither of them is Lucy Pinder)

Michael Vick makes his Philadelphia Eagles debut. Let the circus begin!

• Pass the earplugs: John Daly is in Nashville working on a studio album.

• Did Jessica Simpson place a curse on Tony Romo for trying to mack on her girlfriends?

• The Houston Texans are taking a strong stand against excessive alcohol consumption - by serving their gameday beers in smaller cups.

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Is Charlie Villanueva’s Mother A Security Threat?

We really wish we’d known this going into the whole deal, but apparently, the FIBA Americas tournament going on down in Puerto Rico is seriously bad-blooded. That whole deal with Mexico and Uruguay* going Bobby Knight on each other? That wasn’t entirely an isolated incident, it appears.

Charlie Villanueva and mother
(How are you going to mess with this woman? Honestly, people.)

The latest incident wasn’t nearly as violent, but that’s only because cooler heads prevailed. The incident, after all, had the makings of the worst kind of fight: the one that participants take personally. After all, you do not mess with Charlie Villanueva’s mother. You. Just. Don’t.

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Villanueva Sued Over Alleged Nightclub Assault

Old Zen kōan: if something happens involving Charlie Villanueva, and he doesn’t Twitter about it, can it be said to really have happened at all? Regardless, we’ve got to report that the Bucks forward is being sued for assaulting a man at a nightclub last February.

Charlie Villanueva

The uploaded PDF of the complaint is missing a few pages, so we don’t know many details yet. But Daniel Fischer claims the attack at Decibel nightclub, where Villanueva is admittedly a regular, was “completely unprovoked” and left him with lasting damage.

The court of public opinion seems to have already made its ruling, though.

Read more…

Thabeet Tweets He Failed Drug Test As A Prank

I hate April Fools’ Day. It’s to being funny what St. Patrick’s Day is to drinking: pure amateur hour. Every office cut-up who thinks that “Two and a Half Men” is God’s gift to comedy decides that this would be a great time to do something wacky - think Michael Scott from “The Office.” And every radio hack in America decides to start a rumor that a certain celebrity died of a drug overdose/car crash/lightning strike.

Hasheem Thabeet Twitter joke

So as cranky as I am about the whole day, it’s rare when I can appreciate an April Fools’ Day stunt. But I have to doff my cap to Connecticut star Hasheem Thabeet, who managed to pull of a good prank using his (protected) Twitter account. THE ARENA reports that Thabeet Tweeted that he had failed a drug test, and would be not playing in the Final Four this weekend.

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NBA Players All A-Twitter About Latest Technology

Ever since Shaq shouted out to any of his Twitter followers while eating at a local diner, Twittering has taken the NBA by storm. More and more ballers are making their way to sign up & take part in the latest social e-fad.

Shaq Twitter friend

(Shaq with a newly-found Twitter friend)

Of course, some players are already taking their Twittering a bit too far, such as Charlie Villanueva, who’s texted during halftime of a game, and also spilled the beans about UConn coach Jim Calhoun’s health status. Still, it appears that Twitter is becoming a permanent part of the NBA landscape - until a new & cooler social technology comes along.

So, what other pro b-ballers are sharing their thoughts through Twitter?

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Villanueva Tweets Again, Reveals Calhoun’s Status

For the second time in less than a week, Charlie Villanueva has made news “tweeting” from his account.

Charlie Villanueva Twitters That Jim Calhoun Will Coach Next Game

Earlier this week Villanueva was reprimanded by the Milwaukee Bucks for tweeting at halftime of a game against the Celtics.

Thursday Villanueva, who played for Jim Calhoun at UConn, was back tweeting. This time it was about the status of his former coach for the Huskies’ Saturday game vs. Texas A&M. Read more…