Woman Kills Hubby For Watching Cowboys Game

I realize that I’m pretty lucky because I have a girlfriend who enjoys watching sports just as much as I do. I never have to worry about missing a game because the woman wants to watch “Grey’s Anatomy” or wants me to take her out to dinner. I don’t have to worry about turning the volume down on a game while she’s trying to sleep either, because if the game’s on, she’s up watching it too. So I don’t have to worry about it affecting our relationship, or possibly having her kill me.

For one man in Dallas, this was not the case. Last December 14th, the Dallas Cowboys were playing the New York Giants on “Sunday Night Football” when Charles Shanks watched the game from home. His wife, Kimberly Shanks, wanted to go to bed but Charles had the volume on too high for her to fall asleep. She asked him to turn it down, but he refused, and that left her only one option - stab him, hit him over the head with a rock, and then stab him again.

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