Butch in 1999: “I want to win, but not at all costs”

Here’s a quote about embattled Univ. of North Carolina football coach Butch Davis from one of his coaching colleagues:

John Blake and Butch Davis

“That program is direly in need of discipline. But that’s not Butch’s forte. Butch is so strong in so many areas, but that’s not his strength. He’s going to need help there. He’s never had to discipline.”

Former Dallas Cowboys assistant Joe Brodsky said that to the Miami Herald - in 1995.

Days earlier Davis had been hired by then-Univ. of Miami Athletic Director Paul Dee to clean up the Hurricanes football program after it’d been struck with NCAA sanctions following years of flouting NCAA rules. (Dee most recently headed the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions and oversaw the dismantling of the USC football program.)

While coach of the Hurricanes, Davis said in 1999 of his program, “I want to win, but not at all costs. I want to win with class and integrity.

Then there’s this ironic quip from Davis in 2000 as he discussed to the NEW YORK TIMES how he hired his own agent:

“I wanted someone whose integrity and honesty were above reproach. I wanted to make sure that we talked about facilities, that we talked about the assistant coaches’ salaries, that we talked about our academic support system.”

Less than a decade after resurrecting college football’s most notorious program, Davis is currently overseeing a team that may have committed the most egregious NCAA violations since SMU was given the death penalty in 1987.

Those violations, involving now-departed UNC assistant coach John Blake, were recently and meticulously detailed by Yahoo reporter Charles Robinson. The same Robinson who, along with reporter Jason Cole, broke the news of Reggie Bush’s astonishingly brazen impropriety while a football player at USC. Robinson’s reporting proved accurate and extensive enough for the NCAA to drop the hammer of the Trojan football program.

Now UNC’s Davis is staring down Robinson’s barrel, and from his comments in response to this week’s Yahoo revelations, he isn’t handling it well. Or worse. Read more…

Reporter: ‘Disrespectful’ Reilly ‘Why People Die’

Thanks to his experience researching and running with the bulls at Pamplona, Spain, award-winning NFL reporter Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports was appalled at an ESPN-TV piece on the subject by Rick Reilly aired today on the network.

Rick Reilly Swatting Bulls of Pamplona With Rolled Up Newspaper

Robinson made the following observations about Reilly’s piece on Twitter:

Rick Reilly is a jackass. Saw his piece w/ the running of the bulls. His swatting bulls w/ a newspaper is dangerous & disrespectful. Moron.

Rick Reilly and ESPN are lucky he didn’t get someone killed. Do some research before you endanger other people’s lives. Reckless & terrible.

I love that ESPN glorifies Reilly being a totally disrespectful ass. Do some research. He’s exactly why locals hate Americans at the event.

Friends who I met when I ran w/ the bull can’t believe the Rick Reilly video piece, either. Dangerous self-aggrandizing garbage. Shameful.

5 minutes of research tells you the rolled newspapers R to distract bulls if they get disoriented & charge. Not 2 recklessly hit them. Idiot

I am beyond pissed about this Rick Reilly running with the bulls piece. He endangered other runners. He’s why people die. Total idiot.

The running of the bulls is an extremely dangerous endeavor, so it’s surprising that Reilly took such a lighthearted approach - especially when lives of people around him are literally at stake.

Also worrisome is the apparent endorsement of Reilly’s wrongheaded approach to the activity by ESPN, which could lead to viewers adopting similar tactics if they choose to run with the bulls in the future. Read more…