Akron Coach Scolds Fickell At Midfield After Game

Akron football coach Rob Ianello scolded rookie Ohio State football coach Luke Fickell at midfield after the Buckeyes shutout the Zips 42-0 today in Columbus.

Akron Coach Rob Ianello scolds Ohio State Luke Fickell for poor sportsmanship after OSU 42-0 win over Zip

(Video Credit: ESPN / ESPN3.com)

Moments before the customary postgame handshake between the coaches, Fickell chose to run out the clock with three consecutive running plays with Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde as the ball carrier. ESPN broadcaster Chris Spielman noted at the time that it appeared Ohio State was attempting to give Hyde a chance to reach 100 yards rushing for the game. Spielman:

“It’s interesting you have Carlos Hyde in the football game. Let me tell you the reason why. I think they’re (Ohio State) trying to get him 100 yards. .. It’d be nice to get Hyde 100 yards.”

Hyde finished with 93 yards on 19 carries with his final three rushing attempts - spanning the final 1:41 of the game - netting only seven yards.

When Akron Coach Ianello and Ohio State Coach Fickell met at midfield Ianello said to Fickell:

“I don’t think that’s real good sportsmanship but good luck the rest of the year.”

Before Fickell could respond, Ianello abruptly brushed past the rookie Buckeyes coach, who moments later was seen saying something unpleasant, though unintelligible, in Ianello’s direction.

The exchange was aired live on ESPN-TV and ESPN3.com.

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Current Buckeyes: New Items For Sale Discovered

Contained in an April, 2010, email exchange between Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel and ex-Buckeye and lawyer Chris Cicero was a detailed inventory of Ohio State player-only items that Columbus Tattoo Parlor owner Edward Rife told Cicero he owned.

Boom Herron Helmet For Sale: Wasn't Listed In NCAA report

From Cicero’s emails, those unredacted items were:

“15 pairs of cleats (with signatures), 4-5 jerseys—all signed by players ..

“9 rings Big Ten Championship ..

“National Championship ring”

Nine months after Cicero’s emails to Tressel, Ohio State - without Tressel’s assistance - self-reported NCAA violations by five football players who provided Rife with items available only to OSU squad members. The players and items reported to the NCAA by Ohio State were:

* Mike Adams: 2008 Big Ten championship ring
* Daniel “Boom” Herron: football jersey, pants and shoes
* DeVier Posey: 2008 Big Ten championship ring
* Terrelle Pryor: 2008 Big Ten championship ring, a 2009 Fiesta Bowl sportsmanship award and 2008 Gold Pants
* Solomon Thomas: 2008 Big Ten championship ring, 2008 Gold Pants

At the time Ohio State announced the NCAA impropriety involving those players, school athletic director Gene Smith said:

“There are no other NCAA violations around this case. We’re very fortunate that we do not have a systemic problem in our program. This is isolated to these young men, isolated to this particular instance. There are no other violations that exist.”

Thanks to Tressel, Smith’s proclamation was proven premature.

In the aftermath of Tressel’s Tuesday admonition that he lied to Ohio State investigators, I made a troubling discovery online today.

Jordan Hall Carlos Hyde Taurian Washington Pants For Sale Online

Ohio State football player-only items previously owned by as many as four current Buckeye players - items not inventoried in the NCAA Dec. 23, 2010 sanctions report - are currently displayed for sale at an online sports memorabilia site. Read more…