Official: World’s Most Expensive Friend Request

Snoop Dogg had a well-measured suggestion to billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter today:

Snoop Dogg asks Zuckerberg to buy a sports team with him

Fabulous idea!

Jose Canseco reports he's homeless

Especially since I just so happen to know a certain someone who’d be a perfect first hire.

On second thought, sorry Jose. Mr. Zuckerberg is obviously way too liquid for Bud Selig’s taste.

Should Canseco Now Consider Professional Help?

Spotted by my Canadian brother Gourmet Spud today:

Jose Canseco Tweets About Government Extermination

(Invoking Juan Antonio Samaranch After His Passing?)

Jose Canseco’s Tweets the past few months portray someone locked in a delusional, downward life spiral. It was amusing for awhile but now it’s just sad. (Though not as sad as Taylor Mays currently acting the bish.)

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