U.S. Open Champ: Tiger speech “wasn’t heartfelt”

The AUCKLAND SUNDAY NEWS reports 2005 U.S. Open champion Michael Campbell questioning the sincerity of Tiger Woods’ recent speech while noting the emotional toll his infidelity has taken on the relationships of PGA Tour players.

Michael Campbell Julie Campbell Tiger Woods

“He hasn’t done golf any favours. It’s put doubt in the other wives and girlfriends’ minds, [about] that `what happens on tour, stays on tour’ kind of attitude. I admire him as a golfer and also as a bloke. He’s a good guy to hang out with, but I feel sorry for Elin [Woods’ wife] and the kids, so it’s very much a Catch 22 for me.

“When we’re there with him on the course he’s a golfer to us, not so much a married man with two kids, he’s a golfer. But being a married man myself with two kids, as I say, I just feel sorry for Elin. Those sorts of things should never happen.

“But we can’t pass judgement because we just don’t know what’s happened in his life.”

Love that. Campbell says he “can’t pass judgement” after he does just that. More: Read more…