Cable Might Plea Bargain Now To “Avoid Jail Time”

Estranged Raiders Coach Randy Hanson gives an extremely detailed, full accounting of his relationship with head coach Tom Cable and owner Al Davis to Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports. Hanson also provides his version of a confrontation with Cable that may have led to his jaw being broken.

Randy Hanson Tom Cable

(Silver reports Cable may be looking for plea bargain to avoid jail)

In Hanson’s version of the events, Cable comes off as a paranoid maniac who devoted his life to belittling Hanson - who the head coach viewed as a snitch for Owner Al Davis. (Hanson was hired by Davis before Cable was named head coach.)

The critical matter at hand of course is if Hanson was actually violently assaulted by Davis in front of three Raider assistant coaches. Hanson provides the same deposition to Silver as he made to Napa police.

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