LeGarrette Blount Suspension Isn’t So Year-Long

Say, remember how LeGarrette Blount crapped the bed harder than you’d ever seen anyone in college football ever crap a bed in your life? In the span of one game on awful blue turf (and one very eventful postgame), Blount went from a strong contender for first-team all-Pac-10, high draft choice and darkhorse Heisman candidate to a man whose season would end with 6 more suspensions than rushing yards - and he only got suspended once. Shortly thereafter, Chip Kelly announced that Blount’s suspension was to last the season, and that was that on the senior’s collegiate career.

Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount punches Boise State DE Byron Hout
(”Welcome to Paintown. Allow me to introduce you to Mayor McHellfist.”)

But that wasn’t, in fact, that. It never is, really. Despite being a suspended senior with no ostensible hope of playing another meaningful down for Oregon, Blount was never kicked off the team. He began the apology parade shortly thereafter, and even met with the original face-wrecker of sports, Kermit Washington. And lo and behold, just as we mused this afternoon in light of his published apology to the OREGON DAILY EMERALD, Kelly’s about to take the next step toward bringing Blount back in a few weeks. You could just knock us over with a feather, really.

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God Tells Allen Iverson He’s to Migrate to Memphis

• Why would Allen Iverson ever join the Grizzlies? Because God told him to.

Allen Iverson God

Andrea McNulty is willing to drop her sexual assault lawsuit against Ben Roethlisberger - as long as Big Ben admits he did it.

• A foolish foursome tries to steal Cal Ripken Jr.’s “8″ statue from the front of Camden Yards.

• The Redskins are redfaced over the bad publicity of suing a 72-year-old woman over season tickets, so they opt not to take grandma’s 66 grand.

• Since when did Cole Hamels go the David Beckham metrosexual route?

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Stealth Tweet Leads To Blount N-Word Speculation

Suddenly this morning, more speculation popped up in the blogs about what Boise State’s Byron Hout said to LeGarrette Blount last Thursday. Here’s the likely reason why:

LeGarrette Blount Tweet: Was He Called The N-Word?

A Twitter account hosted by someone named E.J. Prince generated that Tweet last night. Read more…