Lakers Lose Bynum To Injury For Up To 3 Months

Good news: Those of us listening to the last local midday sports radio show left in Los Angeles, Mason and Ireland on KSPN-AM,  weren’t subjected to obligatory post-Super Bowl pap.

Andrew Bynum suffers knee injury

(Knee grabber: No, Bynum is not reacting to Paul Blart, Mall Cop)

Bad news: The non-Super Bowl talk was about Andrew Bynum’s torn knee ligament. (In case you haven’t noticed, Bynum had being playing like an all-star the last five games before the injury.)

The Lakers’ big will be out 2-3 months after suffering a torn medial collateral ligament in his right knee in a collison with Kobe Bryant during a game at Memphis on Saturday.

So what does that mean for the playoffs? Read more…