SB XLIII Porn Video Found; Comcast Offers Rebate

• For those of you Tucson TV viewers who had their Super Bowl interrupted by a schlong, Comcast would like to pay you $10 for your troubles.

Larry Fitzgerald Super Bowl porn girl

(The young lady on the right was smiling about seeing something just as long as Larry Fitzgerald’s go-ahead TD reception)

Kobe Bryant helps the Lakers knock off the Knicks with an MSG-record 61 point performance.

• Marquette basketball coach Buzz Williams feels stung by an innocent media question.

Manny Ramirez says no thanks to the Dodgers’ $25 million offer.

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Buzz Williams Is Kinda Sensitive About His Team

When Tom Crean left Marquette to take on the lost cause enormous task of trying to rebuild the Indiana basketball program there was some concern in Milwaukee about how it would affect the Marquette program.  After all, Crean had helped put the Golden Eagles back on the map with a Final Four appearance back in 2003.  Well, MU and new coach Buzz Williams don’t seem to have skipped a beat without Crean, as they’re currently ranked 8th in the country with a 19-2 mark, and are the only team in the Big East with an undefeated conference mark.

Buzz Williams

Buzz Williams: A man who isn’t shy about his feelings or farts

So the program is once again garnering some national attention from the media, which is a good thing.  Though at the same time, being recognized nationally as a title threat also brings the added pressures of expectations.  It’s something that Buzz Williams is fully aware of, and it would seem that the pressure is kind of getting to him.  When fomer Marquette standout and current radio analyst Jim McIlvaine asked him about it after his team beat Georgetown on Saturday, Buzz kind of blew up.

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