When Will God Let Reggie Tell The ‘Untold Truth’?

Reggie? You there?

Reggie Bush Got Sanctions Heisman Trophy Photo

Go right ahead. Any time you’re ready.

Wait, how could I forget?!

Tuesdays god always helps Mike Ornstein detail Reggie’s Audi.

Reggie Bush: No-Shows Scheduled Sponsor Chat

Reggie Bush failed to show today for a pre-scheduled live, online videochat with fans on behalf of Adidas at 7p ET.

Reggie Bush blows off prescheduled videochat

The chat, scheduled to be held on Eastbay.com, was not canceled in advance and moderators assured chat participants that Bush would show up at any moment.

One hour after the chat was to begin, Adidas released the following statement to the media: “Unfortunately we had to reschedule our online chat with Reggie Bush. We’re working with Reggie and his team to reschedule.Read more…