Stanford $$$ Flushed Down Coach’s $70K Toilet?

• While Stanford suffers through athletic budget problems, football coach Jim Harbaugh gets himself a new $70,000 private bathroom & shower.

Jim Harbaugh golden toilet

• The SEC is certainly a selfless b-ball conference. When the players aren’t giving up scholarships to allow other people onto the team, their coaches are giving up raises so they can afford team trips to Australia.

• UConn is taking the first steps to curtail catastrophic cheerleader injuries.

• Schools aren’t sold on Bud Light’s plans for college-colored Fan Cans.

• Are fantasy sports a nightmare for relationships & fan allegiances?

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Colleges To Budweiser: Don’t Show Us Your Cans!

If the the earth was struck tomorrow by a giant meteor and the only liquids that survived the fiery ball of doom were Bud Light and some rancid pond water from the Everglades, I think I’d choose … um, exactly how many snakes are in that pond water? Realizing this, Anheuser-Busch has come up with a relatively new promotion to boost sales, marketing Bud Light cans in the colors of college teams.

For example, people buying Budweiser in or around the University of Colorado would find the product in black-and-gold cans. The University of Wisconsin, red and white. The University of Arizona, Captain Morgan in a brown paper sack. The usual. Bud is calling them Fan Cans. But the universities themselves are not amused. Read more…

NFL Fans Get Less Beer, College Fans Get More

Alcohol and sports - few things in life go so damn well together as these two glorious, delicious, life-sustaining substances. During the fall and winter months, entire weekends are devoted to the consumption of mass quantities of beer and football, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be, dammit - this is America!

NFL Beer Helmet

But unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. The NFL (NO FUN LEAGUE HARF HARF) is threatening our precious freedoms by restricting the size and number of beers fans can purchase at its stadiums this year, according to USA TODAY. What is this, Soviet Russia (where beer drinks YOU)? This aggression will not stand, man. Luckily for football fans wanting increased access to their sweet, sweet beer, Anheuser-Busch has a plan to increase sales in another football milieu.

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Bud’s Super Bowl Fart Joke Spot Spiked By NFL

MJD at Yay-Hoo Sports points us to a Chris Mottram-posted Bud Light Super Bowl spot that was apparently spiked by the NFL:

Handy tip: Just listen to the audio.