Photos: UCLA Bruin Splooged By Trojan Students

It’s USC-UCLA week which means the main statues on each campus get extra protection from vandalism. USC duct tapes the entire Tommy Trojan statue and has students stand guard round-the-clock.

SbB Girl Cecilia In Front Of Tommy Trojan Statue On USC Campus

(SbB Girl Cecilia in front of Tommy Trojan statue on USC campus)

UCLA has no such student guard patrols, and only drapes a tarp over the Bruin to prevent vandalism.

SbB Girl Jenna UCLA bruin bear hibernating

(SbB Girl Jenna next to Bruin Bear tarp on UCLA campus)

The result? The L.A. TIMES reports USC students plundered the UCLA symbol overnight, drenching it with gallons of Cardinal & Gold paint. It’s the first time I can remember the statue getting vandalized, so you know what that means: TV News choppers!

Bruin Bear Vandalized With Paint Photos

I’m happy to report that several USC fans have enthusiastically sent me more previously unseen photos of the Bruin Bear vandalized in red and yellow paint. Read more…