New “Brothers” Show Is Full of Zingers! (w/ Video)

Without a doubt, the show most likely to set the new fall lineup on fire is FOX’s new “Brothers” sitcom, starring Michael Strahan as - you’ll never guess - a retired football player named Mike. Oh, but the laughs don’t end there.

Michael Strahan Brothers wheelchair

(That’s his character’s handicapped brother, and if you think they’ll tackle that issue with sensitivity, you’re wrong; they’ll be canceled long before that point in the story arc.)

Strahan is using his football money to run a restaurant or something and blah blah blah I don’t care. Here’s a clip of the show, and get ready to laugh your tooth gaps off!

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Michael Strahan Set To Star In Worst Sitcom Ever

A ton of people have Super Bowl rings, but not everyone gets their own sitcom. So when I read that Michael Strahan scored a lead in a show premiering this fall, I had to think he’s really moving up in the world. Wait, you say it’s a FOX show? How the mighty have fallen.

Michael Strahan

In “Brothers,” Strahan plays an retired football player named Mike living it up in New York , thereby showing off his range. But you better believe hijinks will ensue. And with the help of his wacky family, Mike will surely teach us all to laugh, and love.

Seriously, read the description and tell me this isn’t going to be just awful.

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