A Preggo Boozer @ The K Not Named Bob Hamelin

Some stuff from my adventures in KC with SbB Girl Wendy. Here’s a fun photo from Sunday’s game:

Pregnant And Drinking At The Ballpark

(How Mickey Mantle Got His Start In Baseball)

I’m also happy to report that Kauffman Stadium looks gorgeous after a splendid renovation - and that the economy in KC is on the rebound. Why, just look at the photo. Clear evidence that Jackson County’s once-onerous sin tax is no longer contracting conspicuous consumption at the ballpark.

But wait, there’s more!

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Wendy’s White Sox Still Trampling On My Royals

In the last two days, SbB Girl Wendy and I have been knee-deep in the two time-honored traditions Kansas City is famous for: Sick BBQ and watching the Royals lose.

Wendy with Chicago White Sox Fans in Kansas City

(Dude, like we didn’t see you sneak that celly snap?)

Already in the first two games of a three game set, the Chicago Pierzynskis, have had the courtesy to wipe their feet on everybody’s favorite MLB doormat, the Royals.

So what do beleaguered KC baseball fans do when they host beautiful women from Chicago and then see the home team embarrassed by a Cook County club whose owner possesses the most impressive combover this side of Don Rickles?

Why … take her to a BBQ joint that doubles as a gas station, of course! Read more…

Gotta Hurry Up & Post This, I Need To Go Drink

So I’m back in my hometown, Cowtown, with SbB Girl Wendy. In case you don’t know, Wendy is a raging, closet masochist. In other words, she’s a White Sox fan.

Brooks And SbB Girl Wendy At Kauffman Stadium In Kansas City

We met up at The K this weekend for a turd baseball stew brewed up by the going-nowhere White Sox and Royals. Friday, I’m happy to report my Royals didn’t let me down in the first of the three game set, as they were savaged by the Tube Socks 11-2.

We left in the sixth inning, which is pretty brutal - but if you had a choice to go out on the town with Wendy on a Friday night or watch A.J. Pierzynski take a dump on your hometown team in between bad dye jobs, what would you do?

It was my first game back to The K since I was broadcasting the games with Royals announcer Denny Matthews on KC radio in 1999 on KMBZ-AM. Read more…