Want A Hot Dog In NYC? T.O.’s Got One For You

Last few days in Manhattan. First night I spent in Derek Jeter’s suite at Red Sox-Yankees. Since then, I’ve done the Village, Meatpacking, Upper East/Westside and Harlem. Here’s some snaps from my travels:

Dominican Republic Parade In New York City

Sunday was the annual Dominican Republic parade up 6th Avenue. Sadly, I missed most of it, but thankfully I did catch some spillover.

As you might expect, young kids are always on the lookout for hot dogs in New York.

Terrell Owens Hides His Hot Dog For The Kids In New York City

And I’m happy to report that Terrell Owens obliged.

C.C. pitches for Subway:

CC Sabathia Johan Santana Subway ad: Was Sid Fernandez unavailable?

(Subway: El Sid and C.C., MAKE IT HAPPEN)

How does Sid Fernandez not get a (melted) piece of the action? Read more…

Brooks Inside Derek Jeter’s Suite At Yankee Game

Last time I was in New York, I scored seats to the last All-Star game played at the old Yankee Stadium. Can’t really top that, can ya?

Brooks W/Bill O'Reilly, Minka Kelly, Kirk Herbstreit, Roger Goodell In Derek Jeter's Yankee Stadium Stuite

(Lineup last night in Derek Jeter’s suite at Yankee Stadium)

Actually, I think I did on Thursday, watching the Yankees-Red Sox game in the new Yankee Stadium from Derek Jeter’s personal suite. (Yes, the one he dropped $850,000 on for a single season.)

Derek Jeter's Yankee Stadium Suite

(I want to thank the Good Lord for no hot-air hand dryer)

Early this week a friend invited me to the game, which gave a good excuse to get out of L.A. for a long weekend. That weekend has barely started, but I’ve already got the only thing I’ll remember from the trip.

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