Your Ohio State Postgame Survival Guide Is Here!

Flying home to L.A. on Monday, was great to be back in the city I called home for five years. Even with the students gone, Columbus, thanks to Ohio State, is an amazingly vibrant place. Saturday’s atmosphere was the best I’ve experienced at a live event, but it in no way surprised me. I’ve been telling people for well over a decade that Columbus is the best college football town in America. Saturday was the perfect storm. May never happen again like that at the ‘Shoe.

Buckeye Fan Sitting On Cooler On High Street

 (Hard times for Joe Germaine. Hard Times.)

Thanks to still-fresh memories of postgame mayhem in Columbus, Saturday I was just as interested in postgame reaction by Buckeyes fans as I was the game’s outcome, so I hit High Street immediately following USC’s 18-15 victory.

High Street in Columbus After Ohio State USC Game 2009

(Yes! I can (finally) remove my flame retardant suit!)

For the game, Ohio Stadium was a sea of humanity, and High Street was soon after its Nile. The Horsehoe pouring tens of thousands of remarkably-restrained Scarlet and Gray adorned onto the city’s main drag. From postgame to last call, I only saw law-abiding behavior.

Columbus Girls Dancing On Bar After Ohio State USC Game 2009

(Not pictured: Andy Katzenmoyer bouncing door @ Ugly Tuna Saloona)

Check that. Law-abiding where/when I was present.

Columbus Police On Horseback After USC-OSU 2009

(Dude lookin’ to close the deal on patio doesn’t have enough to worry about?)

Of course, with every 100 feet of High street teeming with uniformed law enforcement - along with dozens of cruisers and horse-mounted patrols fanned across campus, that probably isn’t a coincidence. Nevertheless, I was impressed at the impeccable behavior, save a stray DJ at McFadden’s Pub.

Columbus Dispatch Beer Bong Coverage

(Shanahan might reconsider Orton’s Cincy security detail next time)

Remarkable when you consider that the culture of alcohol-fueled football fandom can’t possibly be more prevalent anywhere in America than Columbus. To wit, this video of a tailgaters “25-foot-long beer bong” on linked on the front page of the venerable COLUMBUS DISPATCH.

Columbus Dispatch Beer Bong Coverage

(Way too much effort put into heds)

The Dispatch certainly knows its audience, but I am a little surprised to see what was once such a conservative publication slot its “Big Beer Bong” feature adjacent to Jim Tressel’s postgame media address.  Read more…

Brooks @ USC-OSU Game: My Ears? Still Ringing

I covered Ohio State home games in the late ’90s, including games when the Buckeyes were ranked #1. I never, ever experienced anything like Saturday night at Ohio Stadium as USC defeated the Buckeyes 18-15.  Hard to really describe unless you were there. Best I can say is my ears are ringing as I write this.

Ohio State Fans Before Ohio State USC game 2009 Peace Love And Hate Michigan

(Breaking: Bumper crop o’ Buckeyes today)

I had the Buckeyes winning 17-13, as I wasn’t counting on a spectacular performance by true freshman USC QB Matt Barkley. But that’s precisely what we got. Barkley’s stats from the game were immaterial. Plainly, what won the game was his poise in the face of as hostile an environment as I’ve ever seen/heard at any sporting event. And the 19-year-old never changed expression. Ballgame.

Ohio State Fans Before Ohio State USC game 2009

I’m heading to High Street now so stay posted out on my Twitter. Might need a pickup lata - but only after a fries & slaw sammy or three outside Panini’s.

And hopefully these guys …

OSU USC Game 2009 Police Cars

… will be out in full force.

Archie Griffin Before Ohio State USC game 2009

Ohio State Hottie Before OSU-USC 2009 Read more…

Join Me Inside The Ohio State-USC Tailgate Scene

Snaps of tailgating before Ohio State-USC outside Ohio Stadium today. Whole scene was massive, but subdued. Not having school in session will do that, but we’ll see if crazies crawl haul out the couches onto High Street for a postgame *celebration*.

Ohio State Hottie Before OSU-USC 2009

(Larger image)

I’ll be Tweeting (hopefully) throughout the game and more importantly, postgame. My pick: Ohio State 17, USC 13.

USC Flag at OSU-USC Game in Columbus 2009

(That our flag was still theeeerrrrrreee…”)

Pete Carroll Wears A Snuggie Sign Ohio State USC 2009

(Sad: No off-color signs, tshirts, cigar smoke. What happened Buckeye fans?)

Ohio State tuba

(Will he or won’t he dot the “i” tonight?)

Ohio State Fans Before Ohio State USC game 2009

(Beanie actually sees action in this year’s USC-OSU game) Read more…

Scalpers Saving Face? Not For Ohio State vs. USC

Spent a good part of Friday night out scouring Columbus the night before Ohio State hosts USC at Ohio Stadium.

Columbus Go Bucks downtown building

Students aren’t yet back, so it was subdued around town. Next to campus, High Street was populated mostly by locals and USC fans. The Arena District, where the rest of the city does its partying, was also less-than-raucous.

Ohio State Dune Buggy

Of course, that suits local city officials in charge of security around the stadium just fine. Main postgame unrest prevention this week has been to empty neighborhood dumpsters that could be arson targets. But with frat guy and dorm rat nowhere to be found, I think campus’ most accesible couches should be fire-proof Saturday night.

Eddie George Grill

Hanging out in Columbus Friday night, as I did so often before big games in the ’90s as a radio host at Buckeye flagship WBNS-AM, I didn’t think anything could surprise me. But I was wrong.

Scalpers were out in force outside Ohio Stadium in the early evening hours, so I sidled up to a few to find out what night-befores were going for. Read more…