SbB Fan Riot Radar Goes Off Twice In Two Weeks

Two weeks ago, in the aftermath of the Lakers’ triumph over Orlando, I brought you photos and observations from ground zero of what would become a full-blown fan riot in downtown Los Angeles.

Brooks with Raider Fans in Marina del Rey, CA

(I look like Van Pelt now, but only if he’d lost a kidney as a child)

Today, at least for a moment, I thought I was facing a possibly similar situation in, of all places, Marina del Rey. That’s where I happened upon a very large gathering of Oakland Raider fans at a local restaurant.

Raiders Fans Evade Security At Marina del Rey Restaurant

(Raider fans or security detail at Inland Empire Applebees on Fri. nights?)

Upon infiltrating the gang of Silver & Black fans, I quickly learned they’d made the trip in from Oaktown and East L.A. to celebrate the team’s 50th anniversary.

Raiders-Theme Truck Was NOT Reconditioned After Last Deep Purple Tour

(Raiders-Themed Truck Was NOT Reconditioned After Last Deep Purple Tour)

So much like someone who stumbled upon a public funeral of a fallen leader of the Taliban, I felt it imperative to chronicle the events for the LAPD my faithful readers.

Oakland Raider Gorilla In Front of Raider-themed Scion

(Ride to the Rainforest Cafe? Anyone?)

Like the early throes of the Lakers’ postgame downtown celebration, the requisite denizens of the Black Hole were friendly and accomodating.

Raider Fan Gives Autograph

(”To All The Guys At Mike’s Hard Lemonade … “)

But, like that previous, fateful evening on Figueroa, I wasn’t about to hang around to encounter the business end of a CNN overhead shot. (Anderson, I regret to report that the victim was wearing tragically out-of-style cargo shorts.)

So I snapped some pics and fled the scene.

Whack Raiders Shield On Ford Truck Door

(Inspired by Michael Jackson autopsy. Too soon?)

Of particular interest to law enforcement me was the $100,000 Raiders-themed truck towed in from the I.E. for the occasion. (What, you were expecting Holmby Hills?)

Somehow, this passes for an Oakland Raiders-themed truck

(Oakland Raiders: Commitment to Meth-inspired artwork since 1959)

Now, if you guessed that the vehicle, as an ode to the Oakland NFL franchise, would feature artistic renderings of the Raiders’ greatest players and moments … you will be disappointed.

Eight Ball Before Getting Stepped On: Yep, Raiders

(Free money + 8-ball + getting stepped on repeatedly = Raiders gameday!)

But if you guessed that the vehicle, as an ode to the Oakland NFL football franchise, would feature artistic renderings of semi-automatic weapons, implied illicit drug use, tequila bottles and a grotesque, disturbing portrayal of death and destruction … you will soon ascend into a world of blissful enchantment.

No detail was spared, including this tribute to Amy Trask

(Raiders-Themed Truck Also Includes Tribute To Amy Trask. Nice Touch.)

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