X Games: Not Just For Kiddos And Inked Burnouts

Less-than-chill weekend I’m still recovering from. Was holed up @ ‘The London’ boutique hotel in Hollywood and hit the clubs haaaarrrrd. Also dragged my carcass to the X Games for the first time, which like some above the age of 12 and/or those bereft of body ink, I leaned to being a possibly lame-o endeavor.

Brooks at X Games With Axe Body Spray Girls

(Axe Body Spray Girls At The X Games)

As Mike Ness would say, I was wrong.

Ryan Sheckler Crashes At X Games

(Skater Ryan Sheckler blows his ankle - no pads, no protection, nothing)

AXE Body Spray hooked up R Kid with all access to the events so I could see what was really going on, and I was damned impressed with array of competitions, and more specifically the hard-bitten, no-nonsense athletes.

SbB Girl Cecilia Ready To Go Out In Hollywood

(Last thing I saw before Grey Goose-induced blackout - but what a sight!)

Jaundiced cynic I am, but I can honestly tell you it’s worth a look in person - with our without VIP treatment. Read more…

Brooks @ The X Games From Home DePOT Center

At X Games today with SbB Girl Cecilia:

Brooks and SbB Girl Cecilia At X Games

(Don’t usually get this dirty this early in the day)

More photos and other crap coming today, including realtime Tweets from my Twitter Account.