Going Bold On Lakers: No Playoff Game Losses

I was at the Lakers-Suns game last night. Sat right behind George Lopez. Saw Ray Liotta (cheer), Jesse Jackson (boo), David Geffen, Jack, Steve Kerr. You’ll be happy to know Khloe was once again buried behind basket opposite Lakers bench. Best part: Tex Winter is back permanently, stationed behind Phil & Co.

Steve Nash Video Asking Violet Palmer If She Needs Glasses

This happened about 15 feet from us, Nash gets dinged by Violet Palmer for fouling Derek Fisher on a 3-ball.

Lakers go undefeated in playoffs, so you’re saying there’s a chance?

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I can confirm via the eyeball test that the Suns are a fraud. Prediction: Nash be traded at some point this season. Or after the season. He has no chance to win anything with that team, regardless of their record at the moment.  Read more…

Lakers Home Opener: Thoughts From Third Row

With the Artest sign and the KhlOdom debacle, I’ve never looked forward to a Lakers season so much.

Kim Kardashian putting makeup on Josh Powell's daughters after Lakers game

(One reason I find the Lakers so delightful. Obligatory Josh Powell wife pic.)

What will cause the Lakers a bigger distraction this season?

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Last night, thanks to a good friend, I was third row. Which means I was closer to the court than the Kardashians. Read more…