Hundley Video: No Apology, Claims Harassment

Brooke Hundley appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America today to face the stalking charges brought against her by Steve Phillips and his wife Marni.

Brooke Hundley Video Of Good Morning America

She offered no apologizes, saying instead, “I would hope that at some point he (Phillips) would grow up and take responsibility for his own actions.”

Hundley’s main point throughout the interview was the implication that she was being harassed by Phillips.

ESPN disagreed. The net released a new statement to GMA on why it fired Hundley: “Our investigation determined Hundley’s characterization of events was inconsistent.” That is to say, Hundley claimed she was harassed by Phillips’, but ESPN’s investigation found no proof to that effect.

She said that she felt the same fear that Phillips’ wife did when she placed the frantic 911 call. How she makes that connection between herself and Phillips’ wife, Hundley doesn’t make clear.

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