Updated Photo Of Phillips’ 1st Mistress ‘Surfaces’

You just knew the New York tabs were going to drag the woman from Steve Phillips‘ first publicly-reported affair, Rosa Rodriguez, out of the cesspool.

Brooke Hundley Rosa Rodriguez Steve Phillips

(Phillips’ flings best described with two words: Shovel. Ready.)


The brunette who turned Steve Phillips’ head - and wound up in his bed - when he was the Mets’ general manager surfaced on Thursday with a knowing smile on her face.

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Hundley Did Indeed Sex Phillips In “Parking Lots”

TMZ keeps us current on our Opposite Day! post category, reporting that Brooke Hundley requested a restraining order against Steve Phillips 24 hours after she spooked Phillips’ wife Marni by dropping off a letter at the Phillips home that entailed her undying love for the ESPN analyst.

Brooke Hundley Steve Phillips

In the request, Hundley claims that while on an ESPN baseball road trip, Phillips “bought me a strong drink and then cornered me … trying to persuade me to come to his hotel suite to spend the night.

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Hundley: “Letterman Is a Dirtbag With No Morals”

22-year-old ESPN employee Brooke Hundley, who had sex three times with ESPN’s Steve Phillips, who was still married at the time, wrote this Oct. 5 message currently on her Facebook account: “David Letterman yet another dirtbag with no morals on television surprise surprise….Jimmy Kimmel’s better anyhow.”

Brooke Hundley Steve Phillips

Today she messaged her Facebook friends:  “Don’t believe everything you read in the papers … If you’re a friend of me, it’s like the papers have or will ask you to comment. Please refrain from saying anything.

This afternoon, Phillips announced that he is taking an indefinite leave of absence from ESPN, following his initial one-week suspension from the network. He has not been fired, and the leave is apparently voluntary.

I spoke this morning to a former acquaintance of Hundley’s. Here’s what that person had to say about Phillips’ fling. Read more…

Pics Of Steve Phillips And Brooke Hundley Surface

Well, that didn’t take long. Thanks to Internet and its magical powers, we’ve already got more pictures for today’s big story. According to THE BIG LEAD, two ESPN staffers are claiming that this is the infamous Brooke Hundley, a.k.a. the woman Steve Phillips gambled half his net worth on:

Brooke Hundley Steve Phillips Pics
(They seem like a happy couple. This could still work.)

The pictures originally came from THE PRODUCERS BLOG, of WEEI in Boston. For that, Phillips has earned a divorce from his family and a week-long suspension from the WWL.

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Larger versions of the pictures - though, thankfully, not large enough to see Phillips’ penis birthmark - are after the break.

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Steve Phillips’ Affair Ends Like You Think It Would

If we were to tell you that Steve Phillips had an affair with a 22-year-old production assistant, how do you suppose that situation would play itself out? It couldn’t possibly end discreetly and amicably with nobody in his family the wiser, right?

Brooke Hundley Steve Phillips
(Weird, we figured her Facebook profile would be a boiled rabbit.)

No, in a surprise to absolutely nobody, Phillips’ affair has blown up in his face in a failure every bit as epic as his career as Mets’ GM. The NEW YORK POST has the sordid details, which include a divorce, a suspension from ESPN, his son being stalked online, and more information about Steve Phillips’ crotch region than you ever cared to know.

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