Cowboys Scout Left Paralyzed From Tent Collapse

• The collapse of the Dallas Cowboys’ practice tent has caused scouting assistant Rich Behm (inset) to be paralyzed from the waist down.

Rich Behm Cowboys practice tent collapse

• The family of b-ball recruit Renardo Sidney were expecting to be paid big bucks for steering their star son toward USC.

• Rehab or TV reunion? Which one do you think Dennis Rodman chose?

• The banishment of TCU student reporter Brian Smith from Mountain West TV was actually the work of Horned Frogs head coach Gary Patterson.

• The best thing about being named NBA MVP? Getting a brand new Kia! LeBron James must be thrilled.

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TCU Coach Behind Student Reporter’s Banishment

Last month, TCU student reporter Brian Smith dared to share his opinion about the Horned Frogs’ QB situation, stating on the Mountain West’s TV network that freshman Casey Pachall was good enough to unseat shaky starter Andy Dalton. Well, TCU media relations director Mark Cohen doesn’t like students having an opinion about the football team other than “Go Frogs!”, so he got Smith sacked from the airwaves.

Gary Patterson TCU coach

But Cohen isn’t alone in the blame of banishing Brian. Apparently Mark was just doing the dirty work for the man who really wants to mute the media - TCU head coach Gary Patterson.

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TCU Media Relations Rips TV Reporter Off The Air

I hate to play the “I was a student sports reporter” card twice in a week, but the WIZ OF ODDS has a story that I just couldn’t ignore.

Mark Cohen Mall Cop

(TCU Media Relations Director or Mall Cop: What’s the difference?)

The Wiz reports today that TCU’s director of media relations Mark Cohen ripped TCU student reporter Brian Smith off the Mountain West’s TV network, The Mtn., because Cohen didn’t agree with Smith’s on-air opinion about TCU football’s quarterback situation.

On an April 14 broadcast, Smith said that freshman quarterback Casey Pachall, who graduated early from high school to enroll at TCU, is good enough to unseat Andy Dalton as the starter.

“I think it’s going to be tough to tell if Andy’s really as solid a starter as everybody believes he is,” Smith said. “And I think the reason for that is because Casey Pachall, a true freshman who enrolled in January, really looked good during drills and during the Purple and White game, and in my opinion he really could challenge Dalton for that starting spot.

“He can manage a game and he can play not to lose, but I don’t really think he’s the kind of guy who can win you a game. And Casey Pachall is that kind of guy.

Whoa, the gall of Smith! To actually have an opinion! Thank goodness though order was soon restored.

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