Shaw: Cavs Not Entertaining Possible LeBron Loss

Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw recently spent two days interviewing for the head coaching position of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Brian Shaw with Kobe Bryant

Shaw guested on KSPN-AM’s “Mason and Ireland Show” today in Los Angeles and talked about the attitude of Cavs management during those those discussions as it pertained to LeBron James‘ future with the franchise.

KSPN’s Steve Mason to Shaw:

It’s your sense that they’re (Cavaliers) not even entertaining the concept that LeBron won’t be there next year?”


“Exactly. I don’t blame them. As an organization, they (Cavs) made a conscious effort (during Shaw’s interview) to really focus on talking about what the team would be like with him there.

“I’m sure they have a backup plan (if James leaves) but it wasn’t something we discussed in the two days I was there.”

Byron Scott reportedly has since landed the gig over Shaw, with his close relationship to Chris Paul, who is advised by William Wesley (”World Wide Wes”), being cited as a possible reason Scott edged Shaw for the job. Read more…