Week In Review: Bynum Lifting Playboy Bunnies

• Need to speed up the rehab on your sore knee? Why not try the Andrew Bynum method of Playboy Playmate lifting?

Or if that doesn’t work, try Andrew’s patented Playboy hula hoop workout.

• If you had Jessica Michibata as your girlfriend, you’d race right to her after an Australian Grand Prix win, too.

• The Dallas cop who kept Ryan Moats at bay while his mother-in-law passed away really likes his work. Too bad he no longer has any.

• If you’re going to pose for pictures while partying at a Croatian club, don’t forget you have a game tomorrow.

• Posing with three hotties, Blake Griffin knows he’s number 1!

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Bynum Carrying Playboy Bunnies Above His Head

Andrew Bynum’s knee must be feeling a lot better, since the Lakers star is now strong enough to carry Playboy Playmates on his shoulders.

• Guess he finds that more fun than rehabbing with the Hoops Whisperer.

• Is there too much Twittering going on in the NBA ranks?

• One of the Oklahoma City Thunder owners has done such a good job, he awards himself with a $75 million bonus.

• Two men involved in an Internet scam were allegedly killed in a New York condo owned by ex-Jet Jonathan Vilma.

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Party Pictures Likely To Get Pro Baller Released

With these tough econ times, most Americans are doing all they can to keep their jobs. Wish I could say the same for a certain pro baller abroad.

Brent Wright Proves He Can Take On a Double Team

 (Silver lining: Clubs now know he can take on a double team)

The CROATIAN TIMES reports this week that former Florida Gator and New York Knick Brent Wrightcould be dismissed from the Cibona Zagreb basketball club because he missed yesterday’s (Sunday) game with Dubrovnik.”

Brent Wrights Friends

(Hey, I wouldn’t have caught a ride with her either!)

Based on the photos of Wright and teammate Alan Anderson the night before, at least Wright seemingly got his money’s worth for missing the team flight. Read more…