Braylon Edwards Shows Off New Baby Facemask

The gang at my new, favorite gossip blog,, has photos of Braylon Edwards and his new facemask:

Braylon Edwards New Beard Photos

More importantly, Edwards is seen in the photos with his 11-month-old baby son Braylon, Jr., which is a significant step for the Jets wide receiver.

Edwards secretly fathered the child with “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Nik Pace last year. Pace gave birth to Braylon Jr. in August in Georgia.

Brayon Edwards Photo With Son And Nik Pace Braylon Jr

The NEW YORK POST’s Page Six has the details:

Edwards, who makes about $5 million a year, immediately filed in Atlanta to be recognized as the father — but was shocked when Pace objected and sued for child support in New York.

Pace’s lawyer, Raoul Felder, told Page Six: “Braylon had tried to get the case litigated in Georgia because they are traditionally less generous with child support payments. It’s a cold, calculated act to pay less money. Read more…