Is Today The End Of F1 Racing As We Know It?

Despite what the fans of good ol’ fashioned American NASCAR racing might tell you in between mainlining high fructose corn syrup and Busch Light, the most popular auto racing series in the world is Formula One. Not only do its races feature crazy foreign things like both right AND left turns, its cars are some of the most technologically advanced gizmos on earth.

Keeley Hazell Formula One

(Marvel at the wonders of modern science. The car’s nice, too.)

The problem with all that technology is that, similar to NASCAR in recent years, the price of fielding a competitive F1 team has shot through the roof, making the sport inaccessible to all but the wealthiest corporations and/or manufacturers. F1 chief Max Mosely recently announced a $65 million budget cap for teams in an attempt to rein in the beast that he helped create.  So how did the top teams react? They told Mosely where he could shove his budget cap and announced plans to break away to start their own racing superleague.

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