Denver’s Brain-Drained Bronco: Brandon Stokley

Remember how smart Brandon Stokley was to start the season - having the presence of mind to kill the clock before scoring against Cincinnati?

Brandon Stokely

Presenting the new and not-so-improved Stokley, from yesterday’s game against the Eagles:

Brandon Stokley ejected for slapping ref's finger

In his defense, coming in from out in the cold wasn’t such a bad idea.

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“Bungles” Blow Game In Horrific/Hilarious Fashion

For 59 minutes of gametime, the Denver Broncos as Cincinnati Bengals were playing like two teams who had zero preseason hype coming into the season, which is exactly what they were. A late touchdown gave Cincinnati the lead at 7-6, but it was long since clear that there would be no real winners from the game - most certainly not the fans.

Brandon Stokely Broncos

Lucky for America, though, Gus Johnson was calling the game, and when Gus Johnson is on the mic, incredible things happen and Gus Johnson loses his s–t. So after the aforementioned touchdown, the Broncos were backed up to their own 13 yard line. And with Kyle Orton as the quarterback, so you know perfect passes weren’t exactly in the offing. And let’s start the video there, which you can watch below.

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