2008: Ohio St. Broke Rules at Same Charity Event

EXCLUSIVE: Ohio State football players Jordan Hall, Travis Howard and Corey Brown remain suspended after the school recently reported to the NCAA that the three received $200 each - from envelopes - at a Cleveland charity event last February.

Ohio State Buckeyes, including Branden Smith, broke NCAA rules at 2008 charity event in Cleveland

(Smith in ‘08: Non-compliant at same event Buckeyes were paid in 2011)

As part of its report to the NCAA, Ohio State Associate Athletic Director for Compliance Doug Archie noted:

All of the current student-athletes Incorrectly believed that their participation in the event had been approved by the OSU compliance office, The OSU compliance office did not approve participation in the [redacted] 2011 event, but did approve the same event on [redacted] 2007 and [redacted], 2011. Please note that there was nothing impermissible about the event because It meets the provisions of NCAA Bylaw 12.5.1, but the student-athletes did not obtain prior approval from the institution to attend the event as Is required under the NCAA legislation.

Rusty Miller of the ASSOCIATED PRESS reported today that the NCAA has since responded to Ohio State’s self-reported violations by submitting questions to the school about the charity event in question - and that OSU has since “responded with some answers.

Terrelle Pryor at Charity Event in Cleveland where 3 Ohio State players were paid

(Then-current Buckeye Terrelle Pryor @ 2011 event where players paid)

As Ohio State noted in its report, the current football players obtained clearance from OSU compliance for the 2007 and 2010 annual charity event, but not for the same event that was held in 2008.

Ohio State Players at 2008 Cleveland Charity Event - Noncompliant

(Browning, Wilson (track suit), Rose, Gibson, Lane Broke NCAA Rules in 2008)

Though from photos from the latter charity gathering, then-current Ohio State football players Beanie Wells, Lawrence Wilson, Shaun Lane, Bryant Browning, Thaddeus Gibson, Branden Smith, Nate Oliver and Jermale Hines and current Ohio State player Daniel “Boom” Herron can be seen in attendance at the same Cleveland fundraiser - in 2008 - in which current Buckeyes Hall, Brown and Howard were given cash in 2011. Read more…

Crowell Single Demand Changing UGA Gameplan?

Running back Isaiah Crowell was as celebrated a signing as Georgia football coach Mark Richt has experienced since he arrived in Athens.

Mike Bobo and Mark Richt: Are they allowing Crowell to hold UGA offense hostage over jersey number dispute?

(Will Crowell refusal to give up #1 cost speedster Smith offensive touches?)

But if the man charged with mapping UGA’s game plan Saturday against South Carolina is right, Crowell may actually be speeding Richt’s Georgia coaching demise rather than solidifying it.

On Tuesday at his weekly press conference Richt was asked if he planned on using speedy starting UGA cornerback Branden Smith, who played both ways his first two seasons but did not appear on offense last week against Boise State, on offense Saturday against South Carolina. Richt:

“Between Branden Smith and [Brandon] Boykin we do want to continue to use them on offense with Richard [Samuel] and Isaiah [Crowell], and that’s probably going to be the majority of the carries.”

One small detail: Smith, a junior, wears #1, the same number claimed by Crowell when he granted the Bulldogs an intercollegiate audience last February. A team can have two players with the same number, so long as the similar digits remain on opposite sides of the ball. But if Smith and Crowell line up astride on offense, duplicate numerals are not be allowed.

Such numeralogics aren’t lost on Richt, Smith and Crowell - with all three indicating in recent months that the matter would somehow be resolved if offense again was possible for the same Smith who torched South Carolina for a 61-yard touchdown run in 2009.

But on the same day Richt confirmed he hoped “to continue to use” Smith as a two-way weapon, UGA offensive coordinator Mike Bobo on Tuesday flatly maintained that Crowell and Smith would not be appearing on the field at the same time and that there was “no solving” the duplicate jersey number issue between the two. Bobo: Read more…