Ready For Breathalyzer At Football Stadium Gate?

Pat Borzi of the NEW YORK TIMES reports that the University of Minnesota is now giving breathalyzer tests to students entering Gopher football games at TCF Stadium.

Woman Sneaking Booze Into Football Game

(College fan choice: 2 beers during the game or smuggled hard liquor?)

Before you freak out, only students who have been booted from previous games because of documented alcohol offenses are having their BAC checked. But if any alcohol is detected in students under 21, those students are banned from entering the stadium.

Modeled after a program at the University of Wisconsin, Check BAC (pronounced check back) allows student season-ticket holders who are ejected from a game for intoxication offenses to attend future games by submitting to blood alcohol testing. Students under 21 must be alcohol-free; those 21 or older cannot exceed a BAC of 0.08. The two students at the Illinois game registered a 0.00 on the breath analyzer.

If the school really wants to cut down on drinking at football games, why isn’t this policy enacted for all fans?

Have you ever smuggled booze into a college football game?

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