ESPN’s E:60 Hoodwinked By Fake-Muscled Mutant

ESPN recently did an E:60 investigative piece about steroids, with someone named Gregg Valentino as its centerpiece. For the uneducated, Valentino is the guy who has long touted himself as the man with the largest biceps in the world.

Gregg Valentino Fake Biceps

(Case you’re wondering, that’s an arm. I think.)

Yeah right.

Are those real?

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The bodybuilding community has forever mocked Valentino for his freakish, lopsided limbs. Arms that were almost certainly created with the injection of the oil-based compound Synthol. Along with possible additional help from implants.

But apparently Valentino hoodwinked ESPN editorial into believing that his biceps were merely the result of steroid use. So the feature ends up being 15 minutes of priceless publicity for a pair of vein-less, upper-arm tumors adjoined to the forearms of preteen Honduran girl. Read more…