Rugby’s ‘Bloodgate’: New, Messy Ways To Cheat

One of the main reasons a lot of Americans don’t care for soccer is flopping. In a meritocracy like the United States that prides itself on rugged individualism and ascetic Puritan roots, the idea of gaining an unfair advantage by theatrically throwing oneself on the field at the lightest touch is abhorrent. The stereotype of the effete Eurotrash soccer player in short shorts and highlighted fauxhawk writhing around like he just took a sledgehammer to the groin, while unfair, has some truth to it.

Rugby player

There’s a not-entirely-dissimilar controversy brewing now in another European sport - rugby. But rugby, while also foreign and unfamiliar to many Americans, has no room for flopping. No, when rugby players want to fake injury to obtain an unfair advantage, they do it like men - cutting themselves open and bleeding all over the place.

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