Katie Price Scoring To Become Soccer’s Top WAG

• Buxom British model Katie “Jordan” Price is back on the scene, seeking to shag some soccer superstars.

Katie Price

• MLB instant replay: It shouldn’t be just for home runs anymore.

• SEC college football is coming to a TV set near you. Just try and stop it.

• Part 2 of Adam J’s expose on the Register’s Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa - complete with fun photos of good ol’ Midwestern folk.

• A Mets VP rips into a minor league team, taking off his shirt & calling one of the players a [vulgar term for a specific part of the female anatomy].

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Mets’ Player VP Will Take On All You Candyasses

As VP of player development, it’s Tony Bernazard’s job to make sure the Mets organization gets the most out of its minor league prospects. So to make sure the troops are properly motivated, occasionally butts have to be kicked; and as we all know, there is no more effective way to make your point than to remove articles of clothing and challenge people to a fight.

Tony Bernazard

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS is reporting today that Bernazard, a former Major League infielder who played 10 seasons with six teams, unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade in the Binghamton Mets (Double-A) locker room recently, at one point removing his shirt and challenging the team to fight him. It’s called the Mike Singletary method, I believe. Read more…