In Mad Rush To Be 1st, ESPN Botches The Details

In a series of conflicting reports Friday, ESPN claimed Ben Roethlisberger will not be charged by Georgia authorities for sexual assault stemming from an incident at a Milledgeville, GA. bar on March 5.

ESPN Roethlisberger Report Suddenly Not Shareable

(Why Suddenly Block Sharing? #rhetorical)

Between 7-8pm ET on Friday, an ESPN News anchor reported of ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack:

“ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack told me earlier that based on his legal expertise and sources familiar with the case, charges would not be filed.”

At around the same time, SportsCenter aired a report with similar wording.

But when Cossack was brought onto the air on SportsCenter and ESPN News, he went out of his way to say that his conclusion about the case was his only his “opinion.” Cossack made that distinction on multiple occasions during the separate, phoned-in appearances.

ESPN SportsCenter and ESPN News anchors then similarly referenced a Kelly Naqi report that the TV anchors said cited a singular “source” that “has now confirmed to ESPN” that Roethlisberger would not be charged in the case.

Kelly Naqi Cited Sources For Roethlisberger Story

(Two ESPN TV outlets said Naqi had a single source)

But Naqi’s report claimed to cite multiple “sources.” (See above screen shot.)

For now (8:32p ET, Friday), you can go here to see the ESPN News report I’m referencing. Though ESPN, in something I haven’t seen before, has disabled the sharing feature for this specific story.

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