Commissioner: Big Ten Now Done Raiding Big 12

Matt Tait of the LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD has details from Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe’s teleconference today. Beebe talked about the departures of Nebraska and Colorado and the current state of the league. Highlights.

On the possibilities of losing more teams to the Big Ten:

“At this point I think as far as we’re concerned my understanding is that there aren’t any other Big 12 members being considered by the Big Ten.”

On Nebraska leaving for the Big Ten:

I would’ve thought formal discussions in advance would’ve happened before we got to the point we’ve come to.

On if the Big 12 could remain intact by adding schools:

We could look at adding teams if the 10 remain together and that’s something we need to consider. However, in terms of value and conducting high-level conference, we don’t have to do that. The info we have is pretty strong that the 10 members we have would continue to provide tremendous amount of revenue in the future.

If he felt deceived by Colorado and Nebraska: Read more…