Report: Big 10 Officially Extends Mizzou An Offer

Longtime Kansas City radio and television personality Kevin Kietzman, citing “multiple sources,” reported today that the Big Ten has officially extended an invitation to Missouri to join the conference.

Report: Missour to join Big 10

The WHB-AM afternoon talk show host also reported that Nebraska, Notre Dame and Rutgers have been offered spots in the league.

On Missouri, Kietzman has specific details:

In order for the University of Missouri to join the Big Ten, the Missouri Board of Regents will still have to approve the move. Sources close to the governing body say the Big Ten has told officials that Mizzou could add $1.3 million per month in revenue to the lucrative Big Ten Television Network.

Big Ten representatives have also told Missouri officials they would like to have the entire expansion process wrapped up this summer with a formal announcement coming no later than July. Read more…