Cheerleaders Under Seige For Getting Too Lordy

Big controversy in Georgia involving high school cheerleaders, and this time it doesn’t involve naughty cell phone photos (darn it). The Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School cheerleaders are under fire for unfurling a series of religious banners at football games. Here’s one below.

High school sign

The school system wants the banners gone, saying that they violate the first amendment, and are written in an unpleasing font (that second part may not be true). But the community supports the cheerleaders, and has staged a rally at a local Chick-fil-A restaurant to stop this communist war on religion sponsored by Satan. All I can say is thank you, Georgia, for making our Tuesday more amusing. Read more…

Did Josh Hamilton’s Coach Lie About Bar Photos?

David Ortiz has got to be thrilled with the way today unfolded. But for the sudden presence of the immediately-infamous Josh Hamilton photos, his press conference today would’ve been the most talked-about story in sports. As is, he’s basically off the hook for now as the sports world digests the surprising photos and even more surprising admission from Hamilton, given the way most sports figures handle unflattering news these days (DENY DENY DENY).

Johnny Narron Josh Hamilton

Unfortunately, one thing that may get lost in all this Hamilton scorn/praise is the extremely curious reaction to the photos by Hamilton’s personal advisor/coach/chaperone, Johnny Narron, who, as Hamilton’s religious mentor deserves scrutiny in the face of DEADSPIN’s questioning.

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