Carbo Ordered Keith Hernandez’s ‘Arms Broken’

In a recent ESPN Outside The Lines interview, 1975 Boston Red Sox World Series hero Bernie Carbo claimed that he tried to have Keith Hernandez’s “arms broken” a decade after his W.S. heroics.

Bernie Carbo and Keith Hernandez

On Sept. 6, 1985, Hernandez said under oath in a Pittsburgh courtroom that Carbo had first introduced him to cocaine.

Carbo’s response to Hernandez’s testimony:

I knew some people, and I had $2,000, and I asked them to break his arms. He said, ‘We’ll do it in two or three years if you want it done, but we’re not going to do it today, Bernie. If we went and broke his legs today, or broke his arms, you don’t think they would understand that you are the one that had it done?

There’s no follow on why those “people” never carried out Carbo’s order. Though from Carbo’s description of his atonishing level of drug use, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Read more…