Steve Smith Helps Lil’ Viking Find His Way Home

Nobody can accuse Carolina Panthers receiver Steve Smith of not looking look out for the youth of America. Take for instance 28-year-old Minnesota Vikings corner Benny Sapp, who Smith burned for many of his 157 receiving yards in the Panthers 26-7 win over the Vikings Sunday night.

Steve Smith Educated Little Youngster Benny Sapp

(Inset: “Lil’ Youngster” Benny Sapp)

Cue Smith’s post-game interview with NBC’s Andrea Kremer:

Kremer: “What was going through your mind?
Smith: “You know, #22 (Sapp) had something to say to me on the field. So, lil’ youngster. …
Kremer: “What did he say?
Smith: “You know, just telling me who he is, so I had to establish the rules and regulations of the game.
Kremer: “Which were?
Smith: “Which was 89. … Bottom line. That’s why he going home.

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