Buffs Ban Burney’s Blog After Bedroom Boasting

You may remember Ben Burney, the fifth-year senior cornerback for the Colorado Buffaloes with the big media aspirations. I have no idea if he ever finished his novel (“It’s basically sex on paper,” he explained at the time), or got to work on the feature-length movie he was planning. But I do know that his blogging career is now over.

Ben Burney

Burney was supposed to write a season-long blog for the university’s athletic web site, CUBUFFS.COM, describing life on campus from a football player’s perspective. The problem was that he made it a little too real, kicking things off by detailing waking up next to a woman in bed, and describing his libido.

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Football Player Touts Future ‘Sex On Paper’ Book

Colorado Buffaloes CB Ben Burney gets college. No, no… obviously, the fifth-year senior gets college. He’s been faithfully attending classes and receiving lodging and all the other accouterments of higher education.

No, he really gets the point of college. While you’re there, play a sport, write a 500-page book, make a feature-length film, and get a half-million dollars in surgeries for your football injuries. Oh, and graduate in May.

Colorado Buffaloes CB Ben Burney

(He works with kids, too! Mothers, line up your daughters for this one)

Don’t miss the film or the book, either: he’s promised the book will be “basically sex on paper”. That’s probably much more sanitary than other methods. See what he’s learned in school? (Oh, and good luck finding the book: he’s basically self-publishing under a pseudonym. We’re guessing “B. Flo Soldyer”.)

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