Manny News Trucks Media’s Persecution Of PEDrs

Three months ago I wrote that since Alex Rodriguez was found to have used steroids, the baseball Hall of Fame was eventually going to have to let in anyone who had the numbers to warrant induction. That included guys like Mark McGwire, who if not for the pall cast over his career by steroid-use suspicion, would already be in Cooperstown. Not to mention Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds, who may soon be unequivocally found to have used PEDs throughout their careers.

Alex Rodriguez Persecuted By Media While Historical Players Get a Pass

(OK, a little over-the-top)

Guys like Bud Selig, Bob Costas, dozens of holier-than-thou baseball writers, and plenty of other dinosaur media members though have continued to intimate with their words and deeds that confirmed (and suspected) steroid users should not be afforded the honor of entering the Hall.

But now with the news today of Manny Ramirez using PEDs, it’s getting to the point where if we don’t let steroid/PED users into Cooperstown, there won’t be anyone left to induct.

Manny, Clemens, ARod other PED users to Hall of Fame?

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You won’t hear any of those hypocritical media members backtracking about the Hall of Fame today. Not yet. But I can guarantee you that the Ramirez revelation, regardless of his claims of innocence, will have an impact going forward on who is seriously considered for the Hall of Fame.

It has to, ‘else you might as well furlough HOF workers for the next decade or two.

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