Something To Cheer Up The Reds Fan In Your Life

Dusty! on Barry Obama: “He is as consistent in his personality as any man I’ve ever met. This man is ‘what you see is what you get.’

Much like managing the Reds out of the gate this season, Dusty! really nailed that one.

Did ESPN McCain Supporter Spike Obama Visits?

Rush & Molloy of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS report that a Friday ESPN podcast appearance by Barry Obama with Bill Simmons has been spiked by the Bristol suits.

Barry Obama Bling Bling

(Maybe it was Barry’s Bling Bling?)

R & M also report that an earlier scheduled visit between Barry and Stu Scott was also scuttled.

With Obama’s “white” hoops background, and his current, undeniable nationwide appeal, the decision seems to defy logic. Except of course, if you’re ESPN president George Bodenheimer. Read more…

Barry ‘Guarantees’ New White House Hoops Court

Bob Kravitz of the INDIANAPOLIS STAR has some fun news from the presidential campaign trail - direct from the mouth of Barry Obama.

As none of you may know, Richard Nixon built a bowling alley in the basement of the White House during his truncated tenure on Pennsylvania Avenue. Barry bowled a 37 earlier this week, so safe to say that at best, the alley would go unused during his possible presidential tenure.

Now apparently certain of his election, Kravitz reports that Barry already has his own plans for new athletic facilities at the White House. Read more…