Inevitable: Tweeting Athletes To Soon Be Silenced

Well kids, it’s been fun. Like MySpace and Facebook, you will soon see virtually all pro athletes pulling back from their contributions to Twitter.

Lastings Milledge Myspace Page Photos

(Lastings Milledge on Myspace - golden age of sports social networking)

High profile pros with a plethora of endorsements have, of course, never been inclined to genuinely participate in social networking. But the vast underbelly of rank and file pay-for-players have initially been enthusiastic participants in MySpace, Facebook and now Twitter. Though with the numerous public relations debacles wrought by MySpace and Facebook, you can guarantee that coaches and team officials are doing all they can to discourage players from making unsupervised public comments - via Tweets.

Shaq Twitter friend

(Without Twitter, how will we know where Shaq is eating?)

We’ve always known that major sports leagues have been about controlling the message and discouraging players from having interesting public personalities. So social networking sites are nothing short of a complete disaster for said sports enterprises.

Stephanie Rice in cop outfit

(Without Facebook, we would have never seen the sexier, steamier side of Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice.)

It will indeed be a great day for major league teams and leagues when athletes officially shut down their unprompted, online contributions. But almost as big a beneficiary will be ESPN - the friendly, neighborhood, all-power sports media monopoly in your life.

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